About me

I am editor of Yealmpton Press, an independent, community-focused magazine based in the South Hams, and work as a freelance copywriter, copyeditor, features writer and proofreader for a variety of print and digital business and consumer magazines, websites, white papers, brochures and digital marketing and branding specialists.

After more than a decade living and working in London, in 2017 I returned to near where I grew up in Devon. Transforming the local village rag into a lively, well-designed and attractive magazine has given me a new appreciation for rural life and the importance of community. The South Hams is a hotbed of local talent – from furniture designers, sparkling wine and gin makers to venison butchers, surfers, dairy farmers and florists – that I want to explore through Yealmpton Press and writing for national and local magazines and newspapers.

As a single home-working freelance mum, I am all too aware of how isolating it can be setting up your own business but networking can help – I’m in the process of setting up a local freelance mums club. And I told the Financial Times how difficult it was to navigate the current UK divorce system: https://www.ft.com/content/71deca16-b831-11e8-bbc3-ccd7de085ffe.

I live near the sea with my two daughters, aged five and three, my boyfriend, a French bulldog and several surfboards.